Things to know before visiting the Venice Biennale of Art

Rasheed Araeen, Zero to infinity

There is no better city than Venice to host the most prestigious art exhibition in the world. As if the beauty and wonder of strolling through the tiny alleyways, crossing the ancient bridges, and navigating through the channels wasn’t enough, the Art Biennale truly exposes the magic of Venice.


Even now at its 57th international exhibition, the Art Biennale has already done its job in making front pages worldwide, sparking fascinating discussions and debates on art and culture. Since you’ve only got until November 26th to see the exhibition, we’ve put together some information you need to know before going:

Hassan Sharif, Supermarket

  1. Christine Macel, the curator of ‘Viva Arte Viva,’ has selected artwork from 120 artists from 51 unique countries. What is remarkable is that 103 of the pieces were submitted by entirely new participants, truly putting the world “alive” in the exhibition.
  2. If you believe the Art Biennale to be a bit too serious, think again! During the six month exhibition, Venice hosts many Collateral Events that have so much in store for tourists, art lovers, and those seeking to quench an already insatiable curiosity.
  3. Every Friday and Saturday for the duration of the exhibition, ‘Viva Arte Viva’ hosts an Open Table where artists meet visitors over a casual lunch either in front of the Central Pavilion or the Sala d’Armi in the Arsenale. This is open to everyone – all you have to do is book a spot!
  4. No artwork made the front pages like Lorenzo Quinn’s “Support” sculpture, featuring giant hands emerging from the water to hold up Venice’s ca’ Saredo hotel along the Great Canal. As the world-renowned sculptor said in a press release, the hands “symbolise tools that can both destroy the world, but also have the capacity to save it. At once, the sculpture has both a noble air as well as an alarming one – the gesture being both gallant in appearing to hold up the building whilst also creating a sense of fear in highlighting the fragility of the building surrounded by water and the ebbing tide.”

5. By far the most instagrammed work is Michel Blazy’s wall of repurposed shoes as pot plants. With life sprouting              from every part of the sneaker, Blazy reminds us of the importance of recycling – perfectly fitting the theme for                this exhibition.

Michel Blazy, Collection de Chaussures


Simona Ghinassi

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