Smart design: 3 progetti ecosostenibili

Nowodays, designers are constantly for ideas that combine functionality, aesthetics and respect for the environment which has become an essential element of design.

Made by young designers who have reinvented existing products or created new ones through upcycling, we have selected three particularly intelooking for resting product designs.

Two design students, Hugo Maupetit and Vivian Fischer, developed a method to collect discarded chewing gum and turn it into recycled and colored plastic skateboard wheels.

They have installed special collection signs in urban areas of Nantes, France, where passers-by can tie up their used tires rather than drop them to the ground.

The rubber was then harvested weekly and crushed by a harvesting platform, itself made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plastic. PMMA helps stabilize chewing gum when it is melted and made into wheels. For each wheel, 10 to 30 chewing gum are needed. A brilliant idea!


KarTent was born from the inspiration of two Dutchmen Jan Portheine and Wout Kommer.

An ecological tent entirely in recyclable cardboard, intended for short stays and able to withstand the elements. The creative duo designed this kind of product for lovers of musical events like big festivals.

A perfect tent for short stays of three days and accommodating two people. Able to withstand even heavy rains by a well calculated cardboard thickness.

The tent measures 3.3 square meters by a height of 1.45m, with the presence of a mini window at the back, which allows air to circulate inside. It can also be personalized. Another great idea for a circular economy!


360 Paper Water Bottle ™ is a bottle made up of sheets of plant fibers (bamboo, sugar cane) compressed together to obtain a concave shape and coated inside with a very thin layer of polymer to prevent water from escaping or becoming contaminated. It is the first bottle of fully recyclable fibers and easily produced thanks to the use of 100% renewable materials. It can be used for any type of liquid besides water. This helps to reduce the energy consumed during the life cycle of the product without sacrificing its functionality.



Simona Ghinassi

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