Digital Art: Alessio Chierico

Alessio Chierico is a highly conceptual Italian artist and researcher.
His works reflect his interdisciplinary background in contemporary art, design theory and the media.
Graduated from the Interface Culture department of the Kunst Universität in Linz, he was a visiting student at IAMAS (Japan).
Working within the field of digital art, digital technologies are both a tool and an important element in Chierico’s artistic practice.
Unwilling to dedicate himself to a single form of expression, Chierico uses various mediums and techniques, some more traditional than others.

With his artistic production, Chierico proposes a conceptual, often appropriationist/quotationist practice, which is finalized in form of process-based and mixed-media installations or interventions. Indeed, Chierico sees art as a practice driven by a need of expression and self-understanding. He bases his own practice on research and deep theoretical conceptualization. The subject and final idea for an artwork is the result of this process.

Theoretical, multidimensional, and complex, Chierico’s works offer several possibilities for interpretation. His personal interests in post-media materiality and practice, media aesthetics, digital ontology and digital humanities, are often present in his subject matters.
Interested in digital systems, process and digital aesthetics, Chierico experiments with new approaches to iconic pieces and investigates what the digital form can be.
Simona Ghinassi

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