Cube-Compressi: creative genius enclosed in cubes

enrica campi cube

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who believe in absolute freedom of creative thought and can conjure up anything on a blank piece of paper, and those who believe genius can only truly manifest itself when following some sort of roadmap with rules and guidelines.

But then again, there are those who challenge even this notion by compressing genius, creativity, and art into the well-defined lines of a cube. The “Cube – Compressi” exhibition, closing on November 25th and held in Turin, is the final showcase of a travelling group that has worked closely with the ceramic capitals Faenza and Rome. The event itself is organized by Creativity Objects, which has been the main window for contemporary ceramic art.


Elisa Confortini


All 24 participating artists were to create a cube of 20 cm3 in the hopes of filling the perfectly simple and elegant lines with story, meaning, suggestion, and future inspiration. With all its geometric characteristics, the cube is the simplest and most stylized representation of our planet, and even given the limitations of its size, it can still reflect the most complex facets of the world we all share.

Some were funny, others were more serious – all were interesting and inspiring. Even with the same shape and size, the artists have managed to amaze the world with the uniqueness of each piece. Not even confined space could trump their creativity.


antonio taschini cube

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