Innovation and Craft Society: Craftsmen 2.0



The ‘Tao of Making’ goes through the conservation of craft work, one of the major added value of the ‘Made in Italy’. But what is being a craftsmen in a 2.0 company?

Truth is one and only one: the craftsmen know-how has changed! There is indeed a new concept that combines manufacturing technology, digital and design, where the project is the undisputed star.

In this context, where innovation meets Craft Society, we see a privileged observatory of emerging trends in the area of digitalization of a manufacturing activity, a place to meet and discuss, where companies, researchers, institutions and representatives of the financial world can exchange experiences, opinions and informations.

innovation and craft society

The innovation and Craft Society investigates to understand how new technologies have entered the system in the Made in Italy and have been able to bring value and efficiency to some companies and some key sectors of the Italian market. It did so in particular with a great looking “Made in Italy meets the digital age.” ( Http:// )



The idea from which we start is that it won’t take a digital revolution to make our craftsmen excel, but a cultural revolution. Enhancing the excellence of making should be provided with new technological tools, trivially a computer and the ability to use it, bringing wealth, real wealth and, above all, uniqueness.

Today, the Italian manufacture is compound of 400,000 companies among which fashion, home furnishings and jewelry account for 20%. The real challenge? Going into the future without denying our identity

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