The coronavirus from street art

The home for street artists is the street and even during lockdown they used it with their unique language where irony and denunciation mix. All over the world they have started to appear works that have decided to face the pandemic from their point of view, continuing to launch messages with new and unpublished subjects.

Underneath a sweep of the ones we liked the most:

Los Angeles, California – Street Artist HIJACK (Foto di MARIO TAMA / Getty)

Barcellona, Spagna – Street Artist TVBOY (Foto di PAU BARRENA/AFP)




(KIKA) – BRISTOL –  The face of the famous Girl with the pierced eardrum  created by Banksy in 2014 in the port of Bristol on the wall of a building at Albion docks, has been covered with a mask.

Copyright:© Ashley Moran / SWNS

Simona Ghinassi

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