Beauty Trends 2019

For all of you obsessed with the latest trends, pinterest 100 has just released its annual forecast for the upcoming year and we can’t even wait!

The forecast is all about embracing natural styles, and individual beauties with subtle touches of light and color. In other words next year is about being your best and most beautiful you, whether in hair, nails, skin or makeup.


In 2019 the baby bangs make a come back in hair. With neo-gothic overtones baby bangs are typically cut 4/5cm above the eyebrows and do wonders for accenting the eyes. One can opt for more drastic cuts, blunt cuts, or play with softer forms, side bangs or rounded bangs according to face shape,…The only downside is that once you commit you’ll be living with them for a while.

For hair color, the ‘it’ hue will be pastel lilac, even if another strong trend remains silver. We expect to see an increase in the number of women

For nails 2019 is going nuts for almonds. Pun intended.  Whether elegant and monochrome or varicoulored and hip, the almond shape can be adapted to and accent any kind of hand, creating a femminine taper.


Powder dip texture is also ‘in’. Having greater resilience to wear and tear it is quickly making semi permanent gels obsolete. The technique is not disimilar to what happnes in a manicure, where primers are used to create adhesion for various powders before applying a final coat of paint to the nail.


A beauty review wouldn’t be complete without a look at skin care. 2019 is about exfoliating liquids, ever gentler than their forerunners, and with the capacity to help obtain smooth, radiant skin. Meanwhile for those imperfections and stubborn blemishes there are a growing number of amamelide (witch hazel) products that boast anti inflammatory, astringent, and tonifying properties.

Finally a special shout out to makeup and audacious and glossy mat colours for eyes and lips. The upward trend continues for emphasizing natural lashes with the use of products featuring your perennial favourites like aloe, castor oil, grape oil…all in order to achieve maxium lusciousness.



Simona Ghinassi

Après 20 ans d’expérience dans l’univers de la mode, en passant du journalisme de mode à l'atelier d’une marque de bijoux, Simona, avec son insatiable curiosité, vous fera partager ses passions, ses inspirations et ses rencontres pour vous capturer... Attention : vous ne serez libéré qu’une fois que vous aurez exprimé votre opinion.