K-Factor: New Talent from Korea

Between K-style and K-beauty let’s face it – the new Korean wave is captivating and astonishing the world. With quality manufacturing, innovative ideas, and a sustainability-driven ideology, this new wave has been able to combine the seemingly opposite avant-garde and traditional styles to create a symbolic trend.


The main features of the so-called k-fashion are many, between street & urban style, “Kawaii” influences, and genderless collections. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more breathtaking brands we’ve encountered in our latest trip to Paris.

bnb12 collection


The brand was created by the designer duo Park Jung Sang and Choi Jung Min and showcases a casual, unisex urban style. The name was born out of the two designers’ nicknames forming the acronym and logo “tiger moth,” and from the fact that their outfits can be used at any of the 12 hours of the day.

For six years now their target has been the 20-30 age range with style as playful as the brand’s graphics. While their latest collection was inspired by the movie “Singing in the Rain” with manually recreated computer prints revised in a retro style, their winter collection will be centered around the tale of Pinocchio. Well done!


monica&mobline collection


Monica & Mobline was launched in 2012 under designer Duka Dim who, after leaving his position as mechanical designer, has recently graduated with a degree in fashion from Istituto Secoli di Milano. Their contemporary yet elegant clothing designed to move in tune with everyday life consolidates their five key values of simplicity, sensuality, functionality, beauty, and timelessness. Their design philosophy is to be as simple as possible, but not simple.


mote seoul let me sea soap


Who doesn’t love a little home invasion of candles and soaps? MOTE, or Memories of the Earth, is an artisan workshop that revolves around creating products inspired by the colors and shapes of our planet. Their soaps resemble beautiful hard stones with cloud-like patterns that seek to remind us of the colors and shapes of sunset, winter, forests and more. In addition to their unique design, their soaps are remarkable in their ability to be an outstanding cleansing product for any and all skins with their use of special plants.





Simona Ghinassi

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